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Back in 1984 three young man in early twenties had no idea about anything other than the need to make things sound better, there was a salesman and two engineers, and they worked from two rooms above a shoe shop outside London, United Kingdom. They made amplifiers by hand and every single one was listened to and built by the people that designed them and owned the company. Passion was not adequate enough to describe their drive.


The iconic amplifier which started Onix Audio back in 1984 and changed the culture of listening to music. Created for real lovers of the original OA21 amplifiers. Now 35 years later OA21 had a son. The LEGACY for another 35 years coming. Our classic OA21 design has the same unique sense of fashion associated with it. No matter what part of the planet you live in you will love it from the moment you will have it. Every unit will have a serial number for each of the last 35 years from 1984 to 2019 . You may request a certain number. The serial number will be a bonded plate on the base of the unit and engraved on the PCB. Pure class of Hi-Fi audio. Made in England by British Hi Fi Manufacturers.

DNA 101

Reality Check

DNA 101

Ultimate question in the origin of life is the question of where we come from? In OA21 company we’re trying to account for the origins of new forms of life from simpler pre existing forms. This is how we created DNA 101, one of the thinnest amplifiers in the world. Created peace by peace, cell by cell to offer our values of perfection and beautiful design.DNA 101 is arguably the best amplifier OA21 has to offer. It`s compact, sounds pure and crystal clear, and looks stylish as hell. This product is made only for real music fanatics. Only to pre-order on application or if you have one of our amplifiers already


Back in 1984 three young man in early twenties had no idea about anything other than the need to make things sound better, that was a start of Onix Audio. Now at 2020 after overcoming many obstacles along the way we are starting a new era. OA21 era. We follow the same core values by building all our amplifiers by hand. Every single of them are listened to and build for the people who appreciate perfection in what we do. These are our thought trough designs and knowledge of more than 35 years of engineering. It`s time for you to find out why you should become a part of OA21 family and trust British Hi Fi Manufacturers.